Train Fare Inquiry and Seat Availability

Posted by Sushant on July 13th, 2010 — Posted in Indian Railways

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Trains are used for traveling on long distances on land. They can transport hundreds of people and their luggage. There are two kinds of trains passenger trains and goods trains. Passenger trains carry only people. Goods train have open or closed wagons for carrying goods like food grains, iron, coal etc.

If you want to travel by the passenger train you very much would begin by wanting to know the seats availability and also the train fare for your choice of destination. To check the Indian railways seat availability information you need to go to the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation inquiry page to check the availability of the seats in the train you wish to travel on particular date.

Train Fare Inquiry and Seat Availability You will need to enter the first few characters of the originating station against the option of Source Station Name. When you have added information about the choice of originating station you will need to enter the class details in which you wish to travel. You can check the seat availability for all classes for your choice of destination and date of travel.

You have an easy option to browse the calendar icon to check the correct day and date of travel and departure before actually making your bookings. Lastly when you are actually through with all the cross-checking on the calendar you will need to enter the journey date in the first column and month in the second column.

You will need to click on the icon stating give details. You will find all the list of trains to make selection of your choice on it. As per your preferences click the train for which you want to check the seat availability and click get availability icon.

You will finally get the seat availability information for the train and date you have inquired for along with its fare.

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